Mon. Jul 8th, 2024

Winterize your VRBO or Vacation Rental Cabin

Access to weather alerts
Consider putting a weather radio in your vacation home.  Guests who stay and may be caught off guard can be alerted of troublesome weather ahead. Sites like WeatherBug and The Weather Channel can send timely weather alerts. The NOAA is another go-to source for all kinds of weather information. Remind residents that keeping a close eye on the forecast is one of the best ways to practice winter safety.

Weather provisions
Be sure that your vacation rental home has snow and ice basics needed to ride out a winter storm. Depending on the area, they might need salt, sand, shovels, fuel for heaters, a generator are some ideas.  Consider storing additional water and food supplies just in case.

 Keep pipes from freezing
Serious damage and inconvenience can result from frozen pipes. You can protect pipes with good cold-weather habits. Recommend that they keep kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open to expose plumbing to warm air. If the weather is extremely cold, instruct guests to leave faucets dripping. Encourage guests to leave the cabin at 55 degrees upon their exit.